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Heliconias Hanging Bridges
Hanging Bridges-Safari River Float
Bebedero River Boat Tour-Hanging Bridges
Waterfall-Safari River Float-Hanging Bridges
Heliconias Hanging Bridges-Llanos del Cortes Waterfall
Rio Celeste Tour-Heliconias Hanging Bridges
River Boat Tour-Sloth Tour-Hanging Bridges
Rio Celeste Hike-Sloth Tour-Hanging Bridges
Waterfall-Sloth Tour-Heliconias Hanging Bridges
Sloth Tour-Heliconias Hanging Bridges

Discover the beauty of the tropical rainforest with Best Tours CR on our Heliconias Hanging Bridges tour, a top-rated nature hike that takes you through lush vegetation and towering trees. Experience the treetops and the abundance of plants growing on the trunks and branches as you walk across our 3 hanging bridges. This eco-tour is a perfect blend of hiking and relaxation in the rainforest and the sounds of the wilderness are simply breathtaking. You might even spot some animals! Surrounded by a variety of wildlife, insects, and flowers, you’ll pass over suspension bridges and through green canopies, making this tour a must-do for nature lovers. Book your Heliconias Rainforest Tour with Best Tours CR today and experience the beauty of the rainforest like never before!