Please read carefully*

I declare that my participation in tours offered by Best Tours Costa Rica by Yeudy run by Yeudy Morera Pizarro, ID# 205450105, is entirely voluntary.

I understand that tours consist in adventure activities that involve some level of physical activity, with identified risk and I will be in direct or partial contact with nature.

I also understand that participating in the tours could involve controlled risk, and that there is the possibility of suffering minor injuries such as scrapes, abrasions, shock, friction burns, falls or other incidents that could affect my physical integrity.

I agree to always follow the recommendations and instructions of Best Tours Costa Rica by Yeudy staff, either verbal or written and that failure to abide may result in an incident or accident, which Best Tours Costa Rica by Yeudy will not be responsible for, because this will be product from my error or negligence.

I take full responsibility for my equipment and personal items, understanding that to carry them could result with the lost or damage of them. Best Tours Costa Rica by Yeudy will not be responsible for lost, damaged or misplaced for any belongings that the customers carry along during the time of the tours.

I declare that I meet all the following requirements to participate in expeditions:

  • Minimum age required for the tours is 5.
  • I am not in a state of pregnancy.
  • Do not suffer from high blood pressure.
  • Do not suffer from chronic back problems. (Zip lines, bungee)
  • Do not suffer from asthma (if do to carry your own medication).
  • Do not have any recent surgeries that may hurt
  • I am not in the influence of drugs, narcotics or other substances that may affect my physical and mental performance, at this moment.

Below I describe any physical limitations, chronic illness, allergies, medical treatment or other relevant information that can be used by staff of Best Tours Costa Rica by Yeudy  or personal primary care physician in case of incidents or accidents, and authorize Best Tours Costa Rica by Yeudy to take appropriate decisions regarding transfer and medical care (according with emergency plan established by them) to address the incident or accident.

I declared, have read and fully understood this document

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