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Cañas Castilla

The Cañas Castilla nature walk offers easy and difficult hiking trails with tall trees, nice river view and great chances for wildlife sightings. This is a 6 hours itinerary where we can visit La Cruz downtown and some of its local beaches and shop in the local business. This is a family oriented tour with lots of education about nature, culture and traditions and sharing great food.

La Cruz City Tour is a great experience to share with the locals, places, food, cooking, stories, nature, visiting beaches, swimming in a river, wildlife sightings, petroglyphs carved by the native aboriginals that inhabited the area hundreds of years ago, and more!

La Cruz City Tour is a great option to get the best out of the day and learn about the lifestyle of the locals and social-economical aspects. La Cruz is an open museum, where in a few hours we can get in touch with nature by visiting 2 beaches, getting immersed in the tropical forest, spotting wildlife buying souvenirs, and trying delicious Costa Rican food, while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

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