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Exploring the Gulf of Santa Elena

Exploring the Gulf of Santa Elena is a flashback of more than 80 million year ago in geological time, where incredible rock formations can be seen that originated the Costa Rican territory when it first started to emerge from the bottom of the ocean. Islands, lush vegetation and beautiful marine life is also appreciated along the trip.

Several secluded beaches are part of the landscape and seasonally whales can be spotted, dolphins all year round, sea turtles and so much more. Let nature amuse you!

The Gulf of Santa Elena is known for having one of the richest marine habitats in the region and that makes it suitable for snorkeling tours. On our trip it’s possible to see astonishing views of the mountains and volcanoes, beautiful rock formations as well as a great variety of marine life like Angelfish, Barberfish, Butterflyfish, Sea urchins, Manta rays, and Starfish. seasonally whales can be found. Join us to show you some of the most beautiful wonders of the ocean. This is a guided trip and it is suitable for families, the elder, school trips or just relaxing while contemplating beautiful nature.

Our fishing tour starts right at Dreams Las Mareas, where you’ll meet a local native fisherman that is going to share his life experience in a few hours to try to catch Roosterfish, different types of Tuna fish, Barracuda, Jackfish among other species found in the area. Join us and explore the Gulf of Santa Elena for the Fishing Tour of your life.

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